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Private Label

If your company searches for Private Label products, we are the right partner.

We have been growing looking forward to adapting and give answers to our customer’s needs, at the level of production processes as well as at the level of the required certifications.

In case you are looking for frozen pastries or savoury products, we have a dynamic and versatile unit, capable of giving shape and flavour to our customers’ ideas. Our products’ packaging adapts to bulk sales as well as to retail.

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Frisalgados initiated the export in 2013, as a way of satisfying a customer request. Since then, and seizing the acquired experience with that challenge, it was exploiting new markets and it is already present in 10 countries.

It’s noticeable the dedication that is put by our teams in the export process: «Since 2017 Frisalgado’s investments have been focused on the clear ambition of reaching more markets, as well as, on improving the commercial relations in the already established markets» in Mensagem da Gerência.

Considering the specific needs of each market, we make the labels in different languages and in accordance with our partners/customers needs.

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