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"Since 2017 Frisalgado's investments have been focused on the clear ambition of reaching more markets, as well as, on improving the commercial relations in the already established markets"

Christophe Coimbra and Rui Andrade

Tradition and Flavours

Behind all our products there is a special history, a reason that has inspired their creation.

Featured Products

Codfish Cake

The codfish cake is classical of Portuguese gastronomy. It is present in the people's every day and in their celebration moments. At Cruidoce, we decide to keep the traditional production method, using spoons for shaping our cakes and keep the quality features that our customers are used to.

Custard Tart

This is the product that Frisalgados, Lda. flaunts as its flag. Keeping all the traditional manufacturing process, 100% manual, only incorporating raw materials of excellence, the result is sublime. The texture and the flavour are undoubtedly unique features of this product. If you appreciate this famous portuguese pastry, try it and delight with us.

Puff Pastry Mix

In the pandemic context of 2020, Cruidoce has proposed to its customers a new presentation of 3 classic products. Now it is possible to buy 1 box with 3 different products: mixed, chicken, and sausage puff pastries.

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